Why us?

  • We are a family business who are dedicated to provide you with unique stock fabrics with an authentic customer service, and no postage fees.  
    • We are trying to provide a more casual and genuine service rather than a formal one. The textiles and fashion market should be where its all about exchanging ideas and creativity. 
    • You have access to fabrics that are considered as sustainable, and the clothing you make from them, sustainable fashion. Approximately 99% of our range is made out of fabrics that have been overproduced for big fashion brands. Instead of  being thrown at landfills, where they will cause pollution, people can reuse them and make beautiful garments.
    • Our prices include both VAT and delivery, which means you are charged the first amount you see on our website. No additional charges! 
    • Our team is always happy to understand you and support you. 
  • We have been operating online since 2018 through eBay with an average of 99.9% positive feedback rate. 
  • Our goal is not only about selling fabrics, but also creating a community of sewers around and collaborate with them. Follow us on Instagram: @vegatextiles